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This is gang is made up nearly entirely of trolls, though there are a few "associated" orks and other, rarer metasapients in the gang. They tend to take control of random bridges in times of chaos, and demand people who wish to pass pay them, or answer their riddles. Edit

They venerate an ancient 2030's era laptop computing device, which is kept deeply guarded in their most hidden lair, which they refer to as "The Riddlemaster" - this is knowledge that is not available via any level of the knowledge skill for any character who does not have the Made Man [Billy Goats Gruff] quality or has not encountered the Riddlemaster before.

Due to their fascination with riddles, any character with the Knowledge (Riddles) skill may use this to assist a social test against a member of the Billy Goats Gruff Gang once per scene.

As of yet, no-one outside the gang has ever encountered The Eldest Gruff and lived to tell the tale.


The Eldest Gruff

The Riddlemaster




Assorted (shockingly well armed and armored) Trolls.

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