Cost 7, payable in ¥2000 or 1 Karma per point

Cost changes based on DocWagon Contacts purchasing order


Here we have the opposite end of the stereotype spectrum. The immaculately dressed Troll. Normally these individuals are only seen in the trids. However here, sitting across from you in this dimly lit empty warehouse room sits that trope. The chair groans under his weight. Mighty even for a troll you can see he clearly samples his own wares. A small surgery table sits behind him, sharp implements at the ready. He hands you the tablet, ready for your signature. His tusk glints in the light, or maybe that was an artificially implanted lens flare.

Likes: Repeat business, cyberware, Making money, Pushing the metahuman body to its limits

Dislikes: Incompetence, consequences

Special Rules

Brutus's DocWagon specialty is cyberware

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