Sometimes, it's not what you know, chummer.  Sometimes it's who you know.

From time to time, there will be contacts available for "purchase" through RunnerHub.  The costs of these vary as do the capabilities, connections, and loyalty of each. In addition to their standard roles as Contacts and unique abilities, these Contacts do some services that benefits the entire RunnerHub community. They even occasionally serve as Johnsons, etc. for RunnerHub jobs.

Contact Acquisition RulesEdit

These Contacts are always available - however, this is a Living World and the status of these contacts can change. ThingsTM can happen to them ... and not always good things. Contacts have been kidnapped, wounded, or even killed. When in doubt, check with your GM.

  • Cost: Each contact will cost a number of "points." Each point can be paid by either 2,000 nuyen, or 1 karma. Players can mix and match payment types - for example, a two point contact could be paid for with 4,000 nuyen, 2 karma, or 2,000 nuyen and 1 karma. Equivalent GMP (at the normal GMP exchange rate) is also acceptable for payment. Unless otherwise stated in the Contact's description the choice to pay with nuyen or karma has no effect on the relationship with the Contact. Don't forget to deduct the costs on your character sheet, and be careful (especially at chargen) - not all Contact costs equal the Contact's connection + loyalty!
  • Picking up a contact: If the contact is new, you can still add your character's name to the Reddit entry, and list how that individual will pay for the contact. However, after a period Reddit threads no longer allow new comments; if this is the case, please inform a GM before/during/after a run that your character is acquiring the Contact. Deduct the costs, shake hands, and move on!
  • More RP: When you make the commitment to pick up a RunnerHub Contact, posting on its thread can be a good opportunity for RP and building your character's own unique relationship with their new Contact. A post of perhaps what you did when you met them, things discussed, some zany adventures, that kind of thing.
  • Community input: TD and GMs occasionally solicit input on new RunnerHub Contact ideas. Keep your eyes on Reddit and OOC chat!

This table is updated within 1 week of any change to the Reddit listings for RunnerHub Contacts. If you notice discrepancies here or on the Contacts' wiki pages, please contact Hubkeep immediately. Thanks!

Name Title Cost C L Specialty
Big Bob of Big Bob's Used Autos 3 4 1 Vehicles
Father Mercy of Helping Hands Outreach 1* 3 1* Homeless, Shelter
Brutus Julianus Cyberware Dealer 7* 6 2 Cyberware
Johnny Cab Friendly Cabbie 2/4/6 2 1/2/3 Transport
Armand Weaver of Dreams 7* 4 1* High Fashion
Kyoko Hayashi Maker of Men 8 4 2 Forgery
Romeo Pachoute Mana Forger / Haitian 5 4 1 Talismonger
Inque Speaker of Truth 3* 3 0* Journalist
Matthew Vannaugh Lawyer to the Shadows 5 3 1 Lawyer, PR
Ettu Julianus Sculptor of Flesh 7* 6 2 Bioware, Medical
Pierre la Delange The Nose Knows 5 4 3 Favors
Remilia Auburn AnneArchy 6 4 1 Anti-corp Activism
Edward Chaminski Chameleon 8 2 1 Programming
Steve "Thunder" Dunder Thunder, From Down Under 5 3 2 Animals, Martial Arts
Butch Bro-mancer 4* 2* 1* Working Out
Juliette Damsel of Distress 7* 1* 1* Magic, Trinkets
Dr. Phillis Gued A Shoulder to Cry On 4 4 1 Drugs, Listening
Opti NeoAnarchist 8 6 1 Conspiracy, Paydata
CCS (Wo)Man? of Mystery 6* ? 1 Charms, New Identity
Steel Waters Key Master 4 3 1 Naval Supply
Margaret Pye Whisper on the Wind 0* 2 3 Infiltration, Kleptomania
Roy Hinkley Professor 4* 3 1 College
Bruce Kincaid Master of the Range 7* 4 2 Firearms
Sepia Cross the Hardboiled 5 3 2 Private Detecting
La Roca Un Hacha para Moler 6* 3 1 Melee Combat
Falling Timber Who Makes No Sound 5 3/6 3/1 SSC
Satchel The Powder Keg 5 4 1 Explosives
Madam Soap Keeping Her Hands Clean 4 3 2 Clean Up
Lanky Jack Feeding the Hungry 6 3 2 Ghouls, Recycling
TopShop Best in the World 7 5 2 Security Expert
Two Trapped in the Well 8 3 4 Matrix
Rainier Calming the Beast 5 3 2/4 Martial Arts
Ross Robertson A Horse of a Different Color 4 3 2 Tattoo Artist
Topher Gunner Hot Shot 4 3 1 Pilot
Bottles Mixologist 4 2 2 Bartending
Freddy X Speed Demon 5 3 1 Courier
Dr. Alexandria Hubbart Breaker of Chains 7* 6 2 Genetics
Dr. Shean Ford Repeating History 5* 2 1 Historian
Kolfina A Shard of the Crystal 5 2 1 Tarot Reader
Mister Cyto The Headcase 7* 6 2 Nanoware
Cornelius McNeil The Penny Pincher 4 4 1 Banker
Citizen Man About Town 8 4 2 Mover/Shaker
Vadim Aksenov The Sleeping Bear 5 4 2 Vory
Waltford Statler Still Got It 7* 5 1 Hacking
La Quartet Changing with the Seasons 4* 3 2 Fashionistas
Marty Sherman Impossible to Please 5 3 2 Acting and Theater
Danielle Kroker The Yerz Momma 4* 3 2 Auto Mechanic
Kesuke Morita The Rejuvenating Touch 6 2 1 Spa Proprietor
Vinny the Fish Breaker of Legs 5 4 2 Mafia
Delara The Forgotten 5 4 2 Laésa
Honda Daisuke The Mad Dog 5 4 2 Yakuza
Mori Chau The Identity Thief 8 4 2 SIN Hacker
Proximal The Street Doc 4 2 2 Non-DocWagon Medical

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