This is a brand new concept - so new it hasn't even had time to be floated past the rest of the Divisions.

A category page collecting all the information in one place on how to GM for Runnerhub.

I'd like to point out this is not a general "how to GM" page, as there are already a lot of resources out there for that. (Sure, some links will be included for newer GMs.) Rather, the focus of this page is preparing and collecting the various tips and tricks necessary for posting, hosting, replying, and running a Shadowrun game on Runnerhub specifically. There may be some tips you can pull from these pages to apply to home games, convention games, or even as a player. But the primary purpose is to collect in one place Runnerhub-specific approaches.

As more information comes up, it will be added. Currently, it is limited to templates to use in posting jobs to Runnerhub, posting AAR reports to ShadowSea (the GM-only subReddit for Runnerhub), and tips and format tricks for streaming and hosting games online.

Keep that radio cranked, chummer! We'll get updates out periodically.

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