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Chances are pretty good that you've heard about this thing called Runnerhub somewhere, and you got curious. (If you are looking for the shoe retailer, this is the wrong place. If you're interested in Shadowrun, you've hit paydata.)

There's a lot of ground to cover, and if you are trying to find out more about what, exactly, Runnerhub is, then this would be a great place to start. This is a collection of resources for people new to Runnerhub. This also assumes you are here for the Role Playing Game version of Shadowrun, not the video game versions. If you are curious what Shadowrun is in general, check out the Shadowrun Wiki - it's an independent accumulation of information, so open the link in a separate page.

What is Runnerhub?

The first question most people ask is this one. In a nutshell, it's a "Living World", or a really large, international home game. What people do in each of the individual sessions has impact on every other individual session within the Runnerhub play. So if you have a home game where the Barrens gets cleaned up, it didn't happen here. However, if someone in Runnerhub were to kill a Great Dragon, the rest of the world (in Runnerhub) would have the ripples of that action reverberate.

The second question people ask is usually related to getting into a run (a game). This is where it gets a little complicated. Like every Shadowrun game, there is a person who runs the game and interprets the actions into the story (the GM), and there are the players who help craft the story by making decisions and taking actions (the PCs). In a convention setting, you sign up for a place at a table where they announce what campaign or adventure they are running, and the GM has no idea who will be sitting down. At a home game, the GM and the PCs will be a unit for a while, so everybody gets to know something about play styles and character quirks.

Runnerhub blends the two together, and expands a bit. Like a home game, the players and the GMs have a chance to play together, sometimes as PCs, sometimes as GMs, sometimes both. Like a convention, there's a sign-up phase. Unlike both, however, the GM on Runnerhub gets to pick the PCs he or she would like to take on the run (job/ game session). In this regard, this is very much like the "real (game) world" of a PC having to apply for a run. You may think your PC is a perfect match for the run, but the GM still has final say. They may want to go a different direction than the one your PC presents. Don't take this personally.

Additionally, we have runs happening around the clock. This is an international community, after all. So some runs may appear perfect for your PC, but are at times when you should be doing something else, like sleeping or real world work. Don't panic. There's always more runs coming. And if you would like to host runs for others, well, we are always looking for GMs.

It's not a mirror image

The information held on the Shadowrun Wiki contains a lot of canon information: stuff that has been published over the years and can be verified by books or PDFs. Runnerhub, being a living community also set in the game world of Seattle, uses a lot of this information. However, because the game world Runnerhub operates in is not the same as the game world used in conventions or home games across the globe, we have entries on some of these same canon units. Whenever possible, the Runnerhub version has been expanded to reflect the living world usage. Some things we do not mess with, and some things require modification or limitations to be usable for our purposes. (See the House Rules page for those restrictions.) This can also affect the people (NPCs, a.k.a. Non Player Characters) in the setting. Someone you might have dealt with at your home table might act very differently - or not even exist - on the 'Hub.

If you are still interested, here's the collection of information. It's presented alphabetically, rather than in informational order. Bookmark the page as you need it. You can also get back to this page via the Navigation bar at the top of the Wiki. The "New Player Info Download" tab has four selections: click on "Starting Points" instead of using the drop-down menu, and you will return to this page.

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