As more information is released, it becomes necessary for the Hub (as we occasionally refer to ourselves) to issue a ruling.  This is to inform and normalize players to what rules are in effect, and how the Hub interprets the rules published.  There are several languages that rulebooks are published in, and varying states of editing; these are taken into account when we publish rules

Because the Hub is a living community, meaning everybody who plays Shadowrun via Runnerhub participates in the world and effects and actions from one table's game will have an impact on another table, we have been careful in selecitng rules that all can use.  Some rules, while fine for Shadowrun players and GMs at a local level, do not function well in the larger community we have.  Some have been determined to be detrimental to play.  Most are absolutely fine.

Rules publications have a minimum of 30 days after the release before the Hub posts what will work and what will not.  Just like Missions rules, this allows for playtesting to determine if something is an overpowered cheese factory, or effective addition to the Hub.  Sometimes, the Hub has to modify the published rule to make it work.

Do not take this to mean we are homebrewing our own set of rules.  Much of the material being declined is due to bookkeeping issues; in a living community where a player can have five different GMs in a week and still play the same character, bookkeeping between those tables becomes difficult.  Letting one GM know you have fired three rounds of ammo, for example, is simple.  Telling all the GMs that the park at Main and Howe Streets was blown up is a little more complex.

So we have compiled the House Rules, and the associated information, into one place.  Search through this category as you need.  If you need to contact the Rules DIvision for clarification or to suggest an edit, check the Policy page first.  Then contact them at the message box in the page.

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