Checkpoints are traffic control locations where law enforcement will stop vehicles, check characters' SINs and potentially order them to turn around or arrest them. This is as opposed to private property which will have their own security procedures.

Some locations where public checkpoints are common are:

  • International borders (Keeping in mind that Seattle is surrounded by S-S / NAN territory)
  • Borders between the Redmond Barrens and the rest of Seattle (especially on/under the 405)
  • Borders of Bellevue (due to the high value of property there and the recent terrorist attacks)
  • Major thoroughfares leading up to/away from a major event such as a sports or music performance
  • Everywhere following a major incident such as a bombing

Checkpoints range from a single patrol car by the side of the road stopping every N vehicles (edge check or distraction should suffice), to a hastily constructed blockade which forces traffic to flow through a single lane, to a permanent gate with officers in booths checking hundreds of vehicles per hour.

Checkpoints are a rainbow of different methods. Could be a stop and search of a vehicle, could be a drone coming down and asking for ID, could be a scanner in a building lobby, could be a road barricade before entering a high security area.

Checkpoints that characters encounter will generally have rating 2-3 SIN checkers; Rating 4 would be reserved for international borders.

GMs should feel free to include them as a necessary obstacle, ignore them as unimportant details, or offer players the opportunity to avoid them via smuggling route knowledge etc. Adjust details as appropriate for the threat level and flow of your run.

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