Game Master Points

Game Master points can be traded for:

  • 1 Karma
  • 2000 ¥

These points may be applied to any approved character with at least one run on the players account. Thematic Division (TD) has the sole responsibility of awarding GMPs to individuals. This is typically done via Private Message.

How to Earn GMP

If you are interested in earning more karma or nuyen, there are many ways for players and GMs to earn a little extra karma or nuyen. ** NOTE:** TD (Thematic Division) reserves the right to amend awards as necessary.** GM points may earned by doing any of the following:

1 GMP:

  • Editing articles here on the wiki with info on the contacts and locations used, general cleanup of the wiki.
  • Being the GM’s pet for minor tasks (Like posting info on the hub while they are setting up)
  • Streaming a run
  • Uploading a run (you must upload or link the video to our YouTube channel).

2 GMP:

  • Extensive fleshing out of characters and locations on the wiki.
  • A lot of work on the wiki via clean up.
  • Creation of minor tools to help the hub (only if they are used)
  • News Stories submitted to MOM (if posted)

5 GM points:

  • Hosting a Solo run.
  • Hosting a run (Minimum 2 hours)

8 GM points:

  • Hosting a run. (Minimum 4 hours)
  • Major Tools for the hub
  • Major Hub Projects like current subreddit construction or maintenance.
  • Serious work for the MoM
  • Any Radio Broadcast that the MoM brings you in to do.
  • Note: Additional GMP is available at +1 GMP for each person who has not been on a run (player, not character) in 2 weeks or more.

12 GM points:

  • Meta Plot runs (approved by meta team)

(See the full list at the Revised GM guidelines on the GM subReddit.)

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