One of the things that make Shadowrun stand out from other games is the various realms a run can head to. You don't just walk around in a corporate dystopia; you can fight in the streets or corporate boardrooms with weapons or fists, you can fight in the Astral with magic, you can fight in the Matrix with programs or Living Personas, or you can hash it out on the track with wheels or wings.

Fifth edition brought some consolidation (and confusion, to be honest) to the Matrix rules. The benefits of legacy versions, perhaps. Thanks to the release of Data Trails (the Matrix sourcebook from May of 2015), more information about how the Matrix works was provided. In addition, we received the ability to enter yet another realm: that of the Deep Run. While a Deep Run might start in the Matrix, it progresses past that point very rapidly, and enters another realm altogether, letting players and GMs explore settings only dreamed about. (Whether or not those where android sheep remain to be seen.)

With this new realm of information, though, comes more rules and setting info. Not everybody understands this information. To help GMs (and players) out, there's a sheet that lists the actions and requirements to interact on a Deep Run.

You can find it here.

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