Briefly describe the job , a paragraph, no more than two. Put a link for the Job application in Runnerhub. Put a link for the Run Proposal (if any).



List each player by their Reddit name, followed by their character's name.

> * /u/______, as Mr. X.



The Format of this is up to you: story, bulletin, summary, video log, or whatever. Go into as much detail as you want here. Keeping in mind the revised GM standards for the Hub, please include the nature of the job, how the players conducted legwork, the manner that the job was tackled, and whether the runners succeeded or failed. (Yes, it is ok for the runners to fail.) Please include all facts of the session here that are not covered elsewhere.

Additionally, if you recorded the run, and have posted the stream or video somewhere, please include a link. You do not get additional GMP for it through this route, though. For that, GMs need to send the link to Upkeep.


Run Time:

How long the session played for.


Mission Rewards:

This should cover anything that was given to the players at all. Contacts, nuyen, karma, street credit, notoriety, public awareness, favors, discounts, etc. Note if any player(s) received anything different from the others.


GM Reward:

Which characters you allocated your GM Points to. Note that undecided is acceptable. As a reminder, the GMP (GM Points) earned can be converted to Nuyen or Karma, at a rate of 1 GMP being equal to either 1 Karma or 2,000 Nuyen. You do not have to convert it at this time


GM Spending:

Any karma, nuyen, or favor expenditures you choose to perform for your characters at this moment. Note that you may still need a Gm if rolls are necessary.



This is where ranking goes. A numerical scale of satisfaction and enjoyment with both yourself and the team. Try to be honest, we are not judgemental. Warn other GM's of bad players or mistakes that you made. Note the difficulties you and the players experienced, but do not criticize either.



A tradition amongst many on Runnerhub, many veteran players keep an ear out each game these days. Feel free to post anything said, either in or out of game, that is highlight of the session. Please keep it respectful.


Hub Fodder:

Note what the consequences of the job are for the players and the community. This includes any evidence left behind, actions that would be noted by the public/government/corporations, who is affected by their actions, as well as any ramifications that you already set in motion.

Please note that if you play with the unofficial rule of "Assume Competence" it is in bad taste to punish the players for something that is covered under it (such as rebooting a deck, reloading a weapon out of combat, or wiping astral signatures when not rushing).

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