Kyoko Hayashi
Quick Notes
Occupation Forger/ Fence
Affiliations Seattle Shadow Community, Government Workers, UCAS Art community
Game Rules
Connection 4
Loyalty 2
Personal Details
Age Unknown
Race Japanese
Sex Female
Description Tall, Lithe, Well dressed
Status Unknown
Likes Artwork, Sushi, Museums, Red Wine
Dislikes Weapons, European Food, Nightclubs


Cost 8, payable in ¥2000 or 1 Karma per point


Kyoko Hayashi is a Seattle-born Japanese woman who specializes in forgery of all kinds. She tall and lithe, and shows up well-dressed and on time. She isn't overly polite, preferring to keep a strong professional air about her. Her meeting are often held at high-end art museums, the kind you can't bring guns into, or at sushi bars like Hotel Nikko, Ling Ho, and Samurai Sushi.

Likes: Artwork, Sushi, Museums, Red Wine

Dislikes: Weapons, European Food, Nightclubs

Special Rules


  • Artisan (Art)
  • Etiquette (High Society)
  • Forgery

Fake SINs and Licenses

Kyoko provides excellent SIN and License forgeries, up to Rating 6, without needing to make availability rolls; she's spent countless hours cultivating contacts in the UCAS government to allow her to do just that. Keep in mind R6 SINs will need your actual DNA and miscellaneous biometrics. This means you will be needing to go in and visit her physically.

Just Needs to Look Good

Can provide self destructing Identity information at half the price of a SIN of that rating (R4 identity would be 5,000). Supporting identities would be an additional 500 x rating. These identities will include SIN, licenses, badges, RFID tags. These will only last for 3-6 days (GM will make a roll in secret D4+2)

Looks Good on my Wall

Kyoto will fence stolen artwork at 15% more than the expected price, using her contacts in the UCAS and abroad to get the best price through anonymous online auctions.

I Have Forgotten Your Name

Purchase Power: When acquiring Kyoko you may spend 7 karma to remove your National SINner quality.

You may, through a favor for a friend solo run, have Kyoko have her remove your National SIN for 10 karma during play.

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