Drinks & Dining[edit | edit source]

  • The Lightbox, a club in downtown Seattle with a reputation for 'runners and fresh sushi.
  • The Crusher, a bar by trolls for trolls in the Redmond Barrens
  • Braggi's, an authentic dwarf bar in Downtown Seattle
  • The Thief & Jester, a tourist bar near The Black Rhino, popular for meets with Mr. Johnson
  • Mama's Cucina, A rustic-styled italian fine dining resturant. Play spot the mafioso!
  • Lightbox, A place To Be Seen and enjoy reasonable sushi.
  • Meta++, a popular downtown nightclub that consistently receives rave reviews.
  • Club Rasputin, a dingy Renton stripclub with strong Vory ties.
  • Underground 93 - Rocking Concert Hall / Tacoma Rager Bar
  • The Cube - Seattle's only Box-Themed Night Club
  • The Pour House - Fights, Flights, and Sights in this Rough House
  • The Downfall - Converted small cathedral, Mage Hangout
  • The Mogul - Subcontinent Indian Cuisine, known for traditional seating arrangements
  • Schmidt's Ale House - #1 Beer Garden and Bar in Seattle
  • Fat Stanley's - Chain of family-style diners
  • Elliot's - First Class French restaurant on the downtown waterfront
  • The Purgatory - Middle class mage bar in Snohomish. Password or regular customer sponsership required.

Other Fine Establishments[edit | edit source]

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