So, Seattle.[edit | edit source]

Many of the people who play Shadowrun are not from Seattle, which is the first city that the original creators put the setting. Since then, they have expanded the settings and city descriptions several times, and have included locations from around the world. Most recently, they have included the city of Hong Kong.

But unless you live in those cities (and keep in mind the setting is over 50 years in the future), you might not have an idea of what that city looks like. Your character might understand that, but sometimes it's difficult to play a character that knows more than you do.

To help you get an idea of what's included in one of the cities Runnerhub jobs are conducted in, we've collected a series of maps and concept art for you. Some of these are fan-made, some of them are combined collections of locations based off all the Metaplot and Canon information, and some of them are outright fabrications. But all of these should help you get a better picture of what it's like to live in one of the more fun locations in the gaming universe.

Maps[edit | edit source]

There's maps, and then there's maps. We've got several layers of maps, with information you need on all of them. Depending on the level of detail you might want, there's a map for that. (Sorry, chummer. AROs not supported yet.)

Seattle ('Hub details)

More Seattle Locations (a Google map - creator unknown Seattle 2072)

Another Seattle (another Google map of Seattle 2072, source unknown)

Still more Seattle and locations (originally sourced from /r/Shadowrun, maker unknown)

Again, Seattle - circa 2074 (with some extra filters and user-functionable stuff. Download and copy before editing - instructions here.) (Created by u/DrDrosselbart on /r/Shadowrun)

PC based Seattle (Created by /u/Countsfromzero on /r/Shadowrun)

Seattle (roads)

Seattle, color coordinated by neighborhood/ district. (Link provided by /u/Verecoth)

Seattle 2070, Districts and Security Zone ratings (by thisistwistedminds, from Deviant Art)

High Quality Seattle (2050) map (by fexes, from Deviant Art

Seattle (regions) (From the Shadowrun Street Guide on

Seattle (districts and regions) - Separate maps per district with population, security, and notes. (Unknown origin).

National boundaries in Seattle area (from Trauma Central, another fan site)

Map of the DC area 'plex (created by /u/skitsojd on /r/Shadowrun

North America, circa 2063-ish (found at ShadowrunDenver's Photobucket site.)

North America, circa 2075 (located on

Global, circa 2060 (found at Obsidian Portal)

Seattle Compilation Map (A compilation of the best bits from some other Seattle maps, includes security zones) - (A RunnerHub submission)

Artwork[edit | edit source]

User submitted Character portraits

Background art (TBA)

Concept art (TBA)

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