Matthew Vannaugh

pronounced as IPA:vɑːnæ

Lawyer to the Shadows

Quick Notes
Occupation Lawyer
Affiliations Vannaugh and Meyer Esq., District Court, City Hall, Knight Errant
Game Rules
Connection 3
Loyalty 1
Personal Details
Age Unknown
Race Unknown
Sex Male
Description See Text
Status Active and Operational
Likes Nuyen, polite, and business-minded people
Dislikes Loud and obnoxious people, bail jumpers, losses (of the economic kind), people who mispronounce his name

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

Cost: 5, payable in ¥2000 or 1 Karma per point

Description[edit | edit source]

Have a problem in your neighborhood? Big bad corporation dumping chemical waste? Gang messing up your day? Can’t deal with it on your own? Vannaugh and Meyer are there to help you. Should the problem prove too big for the Law to handle then they will handle the problem by less than legal means. No matter how hard V&M will always get results. That said, they don’t work pro bono. Don’t even ask.

Likes: Nuyen, polite and business-minded people

Dislikes: Loud and obnoxious people, bail jumpers, losses (of the economic kind), people who mispronounce his name

Special rules:[edit | edit source]

Bail You Out[edit | edit source]

If the runners get caught on minor to moderate charges (most things not involving dead people) Matthew Vannaugh can pull some strings at court and KE to make the charges disappear. For a price.

In The Know[edit | edit source]

Matthew Vannaugh seems to be on a first name basis with a distressing amount of people in the Courthouse, City Hall, Knight Errant, and even Lone Star. He is more than happy to help the runners get some juicy gossip, contacts, or even in to these buildings. For a price.

Defamation Suit[edit | edit source]

Heat too high for you? Tabloids posting horrid things about you? For a price Vannaugh & Meyer can help you with your PR problems. Mr. Vannaugh can drop your Public Awareness or Notoriety for ¥5,000 per point (minimum ¥5,000). 

I Don’t Know Him, Officer[edit | edit source]

If the runners get freed through Bail You Out and then get caught again within two runs (or leave evidence during those runs) they will find Matthew is swift to drop them. Every time this happens decrease Vannaugh’s loyalty by one. Runners can get back in his good graces by doing some odd jobs (with reduced pay) for him.

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