Basic Overview Edit

Established 2074
Owner (Unknown)
Location Downtown Seattle
Affiliations Evo (reportedly)
Zagat Statistics
Food 15
Decor 28
Service 18
Price $$$

A bustling inner city nightclub that is highly regarded by Evo employees and contractors and is open to all metahumans - no racism here. Perhaps most notably, the club is DJ'd by an AI called DeepRez who favors experimental music that pushes the boundaries of convention and taste. The guest list is lengthy, and bribes are expensive (reportedly in the range of 10,000+ nuyen). A standing instruction with the bouncers has Technomancers jumping the line - free.

Future Perfect: An Employee's Guide to Seattle Edit

EVO employees, both holders of national identifications and contractor associates will be happy to know that a new nightclub has been added to the approved venues list. The recently established META++ is proving to be an extremely popular location that embodies EVO's best values and tenents, ranging from the brilliant and pulsating dance floor, to their employment of the musically oriented AI, DeepRez. Additionally as an introductory special 'getting-to-know-you' EVO employees and associates will receive 10% off the door price for entry. Please contact your manager for details and to sign up. Due to the popularity of this venue, there may be a small waiting time before you will be notified that you may attend the club.

Please also be aware that as an approved venue, actions you undertake while at META++ may lead to career repercussions. Please drink responsibly and do not use any intoxicants that are not listed in appendix 23/B subsection 44: Approved Intoxicants for Recreational Use.

  • Future Perfect: An Employee's Guide to Seattle, Evo-Entertainment Human Resources Division, December 2074