This section is a paragraph describing the job. Any links related to it are also included here.



This section describes what information and resources you expect to give players in the legwork phase of the  run. This can include, but is not limited to, knowledge rolls, contact rolls, npcs expected to interact with the players, matrix files, physical evidence, etc.



Please describe as much as you can of the job. Please include potential oppositions, locales, and interested parties. 

Any inevitable situations the players must contend with should be here. This includes combat, chases, boss battles, running against a clock, etc.



Here is where you place all possible expectations of the job's ending you foresee, and what rewards the runners will receive for each one.

Breaking down the job into sections to divide the rewards is acceptable.

An example of a Rewards section:

- Treated Mr. Johnson respectfully despite knowing he was a member of Humanis Policlub (a metahumanity hate group). +1000 nuyen.

- Killed the mark, an Ork running for local office. Mission Accomplished. +10,000 nuyen, +4 karma, 3/1 Humanis Policlub Manager contact.

- Decided not to kill the mark, after accepting the job. +6 karma.

- Decided to inform the Ork of the hit against him. +2,000 nuyen, +4 karma, +1 notoriety.

- Had Mr. Johnson arrested. +2 karma, +1 notoriety.

- Had Mr. Johnson Killed. +3 karma, +1 notoriety, +1 public awareness, +500-2,000 nuyen in credstick on his person.

- Had Mr. Johnson killed without leaving any evidence. +2 karma, +500-2,000 nuyen in credstick on his person.



This is where you describe what expected fallout there will be, at the meta-level from the job. Place any ramifications you can foresee as a result of your job here.  



Any other information that you feel is pertinent that does not belong elsewhere.


Game Statistics:

Expected time: 3-5 Hours   

Expected runners: 3-5 Misc   

Meta impact: Small to slightly medium   

Opposition: Medium to High, depending on how insane the firefights get.   

Intent: A low-impact format-screw run against actual active opposition that isn't necessarily shooting back. 

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