The Crusher
Established July 4th 2064
Owner James Creel
Location Redmond
Affiliations None
Zagat Statistics
Food $
Decor $
Service $
Price $
A bar that is by trolls, for trolls. The Crusher came into being through the sheer determination and pure grit of its owner James Creel. Trapped in a world that is too small and fragile for a metahuman of his stature, Creel decided to make a place of his own. Starting a business in Redmond, much less Fall City had its unique challenges. With the help of some of his friends Creel claimed and held a previously abandoned building and set to making his dream a reality.

Zagat Summary Edit

The Crusher isn't your typical bar. The actual bar inside is made of the remains of cubed vehicles formed into a working bar, topped with a slab of concrete. It looks like something that could have literally been ripped out of the ground and slapped on top of these crushed cars. None of the tables or chairs are designed for medium, much less smaller metahumans. The atmosphere however is calm, and relaxed as the patrons of the bar have nothing to prove. A known troll bar also lends security to the area as most gangs are not willing to risk angering the patrons into action.

The tables and chairs look like they were welded together from scrap iron, but they are -very- sturdy as one would expect from a bar that caters to trolls. While there's no flashy AR inside, the walls are decorated with what could be politely called 'found art'. My favorite is the sun made out of 20th century licenses plates that rests over the door. While the food and the drink are nothing remarkable, the portions are all troll sized and you can't beat the prices for how much you get.