This memorial is a testament to all those whose light has been entirely infused with the Shadows, through their choice or by the actions of others. We pay respect through our creed:

Watch your back,

Shoot straight,

Conserve ammo,

And never, ever, cut a deal with a dragon.

The Incarcerated:
  • JAWZ
    "made the job end early. was nice of her."
    —- Katie Kaboom
  • Akimbo
  • Papa S
"And that's all I saw, this little man inside of a crater surrounded by some corp muscle. The air crackled as something big and magic disappeared from around him. They slung him in the back of one of those armored trucks and ran off before the press could ask too many questions. I doubt he'll see daylight again..."
—Excerpt from interview with a frightened bystander at Seattle Dock 45

The Fallen:
"GODSlayer, eh? Fragger's the reason we had that KE lockdown a while back. She drove a truck full of ANFO into a KE barricade, blowing up half a city bock square and part of SK Seattle. Surprised we don't have Lofwyr's scaly tail up our asses by now..."
—Anonymous Seattle Shadowrunner
"You ever hear the tale of Deadman, greenhorn? He kept some of the less savory runners in check. There's never a need for senseless killing, remember that. We're dicks, but we aren't assholes. Unless the pay's good enough."
—Ojisama, retired Shadowrunner
  • Ape
  • Banjo
    ""Banjo may be dead, but his spirit will live on in the worthiest of vehicles, my ARES Roadmaster. Every time I run over a ganger, I will hear him howl with joy.""
    —- Spartan
  • Psychonaut
  • Hayze
  • Spite
  • Paddywagon
  • Shredder
  • Static
    "Some folks just don't get the Matrix, ya know? Static weren't none of them. Just cruised through, doin' da magic wid' da deck like it weren't no big deal. An' grinnin' like some mad fool afterwards."
    —Jawbone, Ork on the scene
  • Chaos
  • Hermes
  • Steamdrive
  • Pops
  • Maple
  • Lightshow
  • Stray
    ""Fuck. You.""
    —Stray, Last Words.
  • Baboli
  • Fury
    "Fury was... Unique. She was my everything. She's gone from this world but I still feel her here with me. I feel her at my back, pushing me to greater heights. Mark my words chummer, I'm changing this world for the better. No one is ever going to feel this pain again after I'm done with it."

The Retired:
"You haven't heard of Seraphim? What kind of rock have you been living under, omae? She's Johnny Killblade's mysterious new love interest on World of Shadows! I think they should be together off of H-Net as well, but theres a rumor going around that she used to have something going on with someone from her crew. I know she used to run with a shadowrunner crew, but there's no way there's anybody cooler than Killblade!"
—Zealous Johnny Killblade fan, taken from the message logs on a fanhost.
  • Raid
  • Rune
  • Harrow
  • Deadman
"You can lie, manipulate, threaten, command, and hustle. Sooner or later, the Shadows will cut you down. Don't matter how big you think you are."
—- Deadman, on the monarch incident