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Turf: Little Asia in Tacoma Edit

Seattle's smallest Triad, the Octagon, is tied to the Red Dragon Association in Hong Kong. Like their counterparts, they have been engaged in a long-standing battle with the Yellow Lotus Triad. Unlike the Red Dragons, however, the Octagon has failed to eliminate their rivals here, and in face has lost significant ground. It is widely acknowledges even with the Octagon that their leader, David Gao, is completely ineffectual, and that Incense Master Chen Kwan-Ti is the only force holding the Triad together.

The Octagon maintains a hold in the Little Asia area in Tacoma. Due to their contacts in China, they are the primary distributor of weapons in Seattle, typically inexpensive knock-offs of popular Western firearms. Their only other major operation is opiate smuggling, including clinical-quality morphine and the street drug bliss. Though their operations outside of Little Asia are few, this Triad dominates its territory and protects its operations viciously. Anti-Yakuza sentiment has taken hold to the point that Little Asia is not safe for anyone of Japanese descent, especially at night.

Their members are known for their extreme superstition. They are particularly concerned with proper feng shui, to the point that sabotaging the flow of qi particularly with arson within an Octagon base or neighborhood serves to demoralize Octagon foot soldiers.

Leader: David Gao

Incense Master (Magician): Chen Kwan-Ti

Lieutenants: Mei-Lin Fei, Lie Tsuir, Cheng Mu Chou