The Pour House
Established 2071
Owner Barney "Big Boy" Troxel
Location 40th Street & 148th Avenue (NE Bellevue/NW Redmond)
Affiliations None
Zagat Statistics
Food 5
Decor 5
Service 10
Price $

Basic Overview Edit

If you like your culture more rough-and-tumble, the Pour House is for you. A local tavern that serves a full range of of beer and liquor featuring a broad range of entertainment from Freestyle Fights in a makeshift cage, Sloppy Soy Wrestling, Wet T-Shirt contests and more. Not a place for children. Or adults of weak constitution.

The owner Barney "Big Boy" Troxell keeps the rabble from destroying the building but doesn't do much more provided people pay for the furniture. That place is a pit frequented by both bikers and gangers, with a little of the blue collar crowd. The Pour House puts the "ass" back in "class" and is a good place to be if you enjoy a good bar brawl (watching, starting or finishing one).