The Thief & Jester
Established 2048
Owner Erich "Tusker" Reynolds, Jr.
Location Downtown Seattle
Affiliations Ork Underground
Zagat Statistics
Food No menu available
Decor 20
Service 15
Price 25

Brief Summary Edit

An older dive, with a secret entrance to the Ork Underground. Popular with Ork and Troll Mr. Johnsons. The bar has several secure back rooms for rent, which Johnsons frequently utilize for their meets.

Zagats on The Thief & Jester Edit

Visitors to Seattle's famous Ork Underground may find themselve seeking a watering hole closer to the streets. Enter the Thief & Jester: a venerable establishment that has been family owned since 2048. The current owner, Erich Reynolds, Jr., has been operating the bar since his father passed away 12 years ago, and is looking forward to passing along to his own children in the coming years. Though its barman is gruff, the drinks are expertly made and served in a variety of eclectic, though well cleaned and maintained serveware, that reflects the long survival of the Thief and Jester in interesting times.

The drinks are competitively priced, however this is diminished by the standoffishness of the servers towards non-orks and trolls. The decor is not particularly imaginatve, however offers an interesting look into the Ork Underground's past, including several framed pictures of notable Orks and Trolls. The bar sports trideo systems that are constantly showing local sporting events. During urban brawl games, especially when the Seattle Screamers are playing, the bar is packed.