RunnerHub is an online Shadowrun community hosted at /r/Runnerhub on Reddit and dedicated to bringing GMs and players together to smash out some amazing games and stories. The community is based on the popular Shadowruns Missions format, with a few of our own tweaks thrown in. We have a pool of GMs who regularly post jobs on /r/Runnerhub for players to apply for as their character, and as of now we have over 700 people involved in this living campaign.

These jobs take place in a shared universe. What does that mean? Well, say you steal a shipment of guns for a Johnson on Tuesday. This can affect a completely different job on Friday, leaving the runners to go up against surprisingly well armed gangers. All of this is done via virtual table tops, with the shared universe connecting on the message boards.

Sound interesting? Want to get involved? Awesome, we'd love to have you! Head on down to /r/Hubchargen, our subreddit dedicated to getting your character ready to run the Shadows. Our crack team of Sheet Heads will help you work out the intricacies of character creation and help steer you away from some traps. After you've been approved, you can start joining games and posting in In Character discussion threads.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask a mod or a veteran. If you want to dive further into the Runnerhub specific setting, continue here to get started!

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